Lisa is a profound Reiki Master and metaphysical healer.. Through her work, I have been able to experience significant positive changes in my life. Initially, I felt a sense of ease and release regarding deep emotional scars that I was holding on to for so long. The only way I can describe it, is to say that I felt “whole” again. As I continue to work with Lisa, I am able to see all facets of my life improve. Additionally, Lisa educates and provides me with the tools necessary for deepening my own spiritual awareness.

I cannot say enough about Lisa’s nature; she is extremely trustworthy, professional, gentle, friendly, caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. She thoroughly explains everything before she starts each session. She also provides a wonderful loving and calm environment.

Lisa has enriched my life in more ways that I can say. I feel the difference it has made and I know the potential it has for me, and those around me.
— Sal
Philly Reiki
At the encouragement of some friends, I sought out Lisa and Reiki because I was not getting better. Lisa was the missing link to my recovery!

In her sessions she knew exactly those areas in which I needed her Reiki energy – without my ever needing to tell her! I highly recommend her.
— MaryAnn R.
I recently got into Reiki by coincidence and absolutely love it. I heard of Reiki before but didn’t understand what it was or what it did. My session with Lisa was great. She created a wonderfully relaxing environment, filled with meditation music, candles, and essential oils.

The Reiki put me into this deep relaxation — deeper than I get when I’m sleeping — and I drifted away. To this day, I still don’t know how to describe my sessions with Lisa — they are each simply amazing! I’ve been hooked since my first treatment. Reiki is essential for someone who’s looking to have a deeper spiritual connection or needs healing of any kind.

I’m so glad I have found Reiki and Lisa to help in my spiritual journey. What I find so special about Lisa and her sessions is her use and knowledge of other healing tools, such as Shamanism, which she incorporates into her sessions. They really help you relax more and get in the zone.

I am very impressed Lisa’s level of expertise, commitment, and passion for helping people through Reiki.

She creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, explains and answers any questions, and works with the energy.

It’s a lovely experience that has made a difference in my life. I highly recommend her. She’s amazing!”
My first Reiki treatment with Lisa Dee was so incredible that I purchased a package of five sessions immediately after.

I have completed three sessions since then and am so grateful to have found her. Lisa makes you feel comfortable and free to open up about anything without judgment.

After the sessions I feel lighter, relaxed, and more at peace. Our sessions are having a huge, positive impact in my life, and I am telling all my friends as well just because I feel the need to share this!
— E. Z.
It was my first time trying Reiki and Lisa is an absolute Reiki professional. I have experienced many positive changes since my sessions began.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last December and this has been a wonderful tool to aid in my healing.
— KAY D.

Thanks to you, I am now on an amazing life journey. You are truly a Reiki Master!

I felt so relaxed and secure as you gave me your undivided attention. I was able to access my third eye intuition and had the most intense spiritual experience. All I can say is WOW and I look forward to working with you again.

Being a clinical psychologist for thirty-five years, I was skeptical when it was suggested that I give this a try but am so happy that I gave it a shot.
I have been working with Lisa Dee, Reiki Master Teacher, for a while now. The benefits I have seen in my life are simply remarkable!

Lisa has dedicated her life to healing and her path to learning and practicing Reiki is inspiring! I have changed immensely from our sessions and am less stressed at work, my diet has improved, she has given me valuable tools to help me with my everyday life. She is pure and genuine!
I had my first session with Reiki Master Lisa a few weeks ago. I absolutely love her and I was so excited to feel something during her session.

She is very in tune with her clients and just a sweet, gentle, wonderful person to know.

I’ve heard that everyone has a different reaction to the treatment, but I felt very relaxed and almost paralyzed by the experience. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family and will be back for more!

I never knew how powerful Reiki was until I started working with Lisa. The immediate sense of calm, centered, and uplifting energy I felt during and after the session was amazing.

Working with Lisa has greatly expanded my perspective and awareness in general. It solidified my work in taking further responsibility for my own health and healing after a recovery from debilitating mental and physical health issues. I am no longer identified by my by my illness.

I am also now more spiritually evolved than ever. Reiki has become one of the main tools in my mind-body-spirit growth and maintenance.

Furthermore, Lisa genuinely cares about her clients’ experiences and designates time before and after each session discuss the treatment. I have a special connection with Lisa and feel that she is truly on my side, as she has shown consistent concern for my well-being. Lisa is deeply invested in her Reiki practice, as this is her passion.

Lisa, thank you for being there when I needed you and not just in our sessions!
— Claire W.