What People Are Saying


Sal L.,
creative director


Lisa is a profound Reiki Master and metaphysical healer.. Through her work, I have been able to experience significant positive changes in my life. Initially, I felt a sense of ease and release regarding deep emotional scars that I was holding on to for so long. The only way I can describe it, is to say that I felt “whole” again. As I continue to work with Lisa, I am able to see all facets of my life improve. Additionally, Lisa educates and provides me with the tools necessary for deepening my own spiritual awareness.

I cannot say enough about Lisa’s nature; she is extremely trustworthy, professional, gentle, friendly, caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. She thoroughly explains everything before she starts each session. She also provides a wonderful loving and calm environment.

Lisa has enriched my life in more ways that I can say. I feel the difference it has made and I know the potential it has for me, and those around me.

MaryAnn R., banker

At the encouragement of some friends, I sought out Lisa and Reiki because I was not getting better. Lisa was the missing link to my recovery!

In her sessions she knew exactly those areas in which I needed her Reiki energy – without my ever needing to tell her! I highly recommend her.

Lisa M.
owner, Dana Hot Yoga

I have been lucky enough to learn and work with Lisa Dee in a variety of capacities. When she performed reiki on me, the energetic shifts I experienced, even after my first session, were powerful!  I saw Lisa after I experienced a family tragedy, so she was very intuitive and compassionate with me. The session was also accompanied by rhythm healing, using her drum, and she was able to tap into my body, mind, and soul in a way that I truly needed.

I was so inspired by her and her healing that I signed up for her Level 1 Reiki training.  Lisa Dee's teaching style was authentic and her knowledge on this healing modality was vast.   I would highly recommend her services in either capacity, as student or as a client.