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Reiki will always be beneficial, never harmful. A session is generally extremely relaxing, it relieves everyday stress and toxins, and brings about healing on all levels gradually, in a way our bodies can tolerate it. I also incorporate, forms of Shamanism (rhythm healing using a live drum and working with totem animals), acupressure and therapeutic grade essential oils within sessions.  Reiki is a laying of hands modality. It is not a massage. However, for those who are sensitive to touch, I am still able to perform Reiki by way of "beaming".  In addition, I am able to offer long distance healing sessions from afar. For deeper changes and insights, I always recommend multiple sessions.  Reiki starts on the cellular level outward.  Reiki knows exactly what you need to heal, not what YOU think you need.

Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical treatments. Reiki is recognized in today‚Äôs health field as a complementary approach along with Western medical treatments, psychological counseling, and other traditional treatments. Reiki is known to enhance medical treatment, acting to reduce negative side effects, improve healing time, and promote a positive outlook. Reiki is also used to offer support and to reduce the discomforts of pregnancy and childbirth. I don't predict outcomes but rather help you awaken the innate healing ability we all have access too.  

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