Long Distance Reiki

$70 for a 45-minute session


Not in the Philadelphia area? No problem.

Reiki transcends time and space, making it possible to receive Reiki’s healing energy anywhere one may happen to be in the world. Distance Reiki works in accordance with Spiritual Law, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy, and part of a larger whole.

Lisa, likes to speak to the individual before and after the session.  She works best, setting up a particular time, where the receiver, can find a nice quite place, to rest and take in this gentle yet powerful healing Reiki energy.  In addition, she utilizes Therapy of the Soul techniques ™ (this is a meditation where Lisa connects to Source) and see’s the person as whole and complete. This is based on how the Eastern and Western mystics have healed.   Healing is also just as powerful via Skype or phone call, as it is in person.