My Story

Previously thriving in the corporate world, my passion for the healing arts was ignited in 2003 after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction (CFIDS) and was bedridden for two years. Frustrated with traditional medicine, I befriended an internationally-renowned Reiki Master/Shaman, Holistic Psychotherapist, and founder of The Therapy of the Soul Method™ (metaphysical healing based on ancient and Western meditation techniques), Arnie Vargas.

Under my teacher’s care, I witnessed the impact of Reiki and Shaman work first-hand; the weight of CFIDS was lifted and I began to flourish both physically and spiritually. 

Years later, the teachings in Reiki and the above mentioned modalities, became invaluable to me in my fight against breast cancer.

After beating both CFIDS and breast cancer using Reiki and the myriad of tools I was taught (some came to me as a gift - working with spirit animals and intuitive visions); I was guided to share these remarkable healing modalities with the world!

After surviving breast cancer, I have become dedicated to helping others who are going through breast cancer treatment and recovery, and as a result; I have been chosen and featured in national campaigns for CancerCare®. And, recently, I was invited and honored to help patients receiving chemotherapy treatment from Dr. Ruth Oratz, one of New York’s top oncologists.

Aside from my private healing practice, I have worked to bridge the gap between spirituality and conventional medicine, by collaborating with wellness centers and doctors to create healing programs that treat the root cause of illness/conditions.

I love partnering with different kindred spirits in the Philadelphia area, assisting with healing and teaching. I am extremely passionate about empowering others, encouraging them that they too can reach optimal levels of wellness and health.

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you’ll get in touch


Lisa Dee

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Some quick facts about me:

·  After studying with Arnie Vargas,I became a Shamanic Reiki Master in 2006. To date, I still continue trainings with him.

·  I also teach Reiki. Check out my events page to see upcoming events and classes, or ask me and I will try to work with you during the times you have available.

· I can also guide you on selecting the essential oils that best suit your needs and lifestyle.

· As a Shamanic Healer, I engage the help of animal spirit guides to assist me with helpful messages to my clients.